Game Developer


Fire Flash

This game was created for the Jeffersonville Vintage Fire Museum upcoming education center. It was created for mobile and PC platforms.

VR Planet Simulation (HTC Vive)

These are pictures from the VR planet simulation I created with a fellow Purdue Student Justin Cuneo. The simualtion was made for the 2019 boiler showcase and was intended for…

SHRKN Game Project

The first game I worked on and finished. SHRKN is a 3rd person over the shoulder hack-and-slash style game. Make your way through the waves of enemies while using different…

Animation Demo Reel

Different animations done throughout CGT 240. We were required to create a demo reel of all the animations.

Barbershop 3D Render

3D Barbershop horror scene done in Maya, 3DS Max, Substance painter and much more.

Candlelight Samurai 3D Render

3D render of a shrine to a fallen samurai. Software used: Maya, Marmoset toolbag 3.0, Substance painter, Photoshop, 3Ds max and more

3D Brain Texture

Brain texture created with Photoshop and substance painter Braintets by MonteRoth on Sketchfab

3D Medical Table

table topography and textures from barber shop scene Tablev2 by MonteRoth on Sketchfab